Sourp Komidas Vartabed
Komidas' Illness Emerges....

The following is an article published by The Armenian Reporter International on November 9, 1994 under the title: Gomidas's Illness Emerges in Psychiatrist's Study, Paris -  France.

The French Armenian psychiatrist Louise Hovannesian has published an article in a recent issue of the local periodical magazine called Hye Pzhishgner [Armenian Doctors], in which she concludes that Gomidas did not suffer from serious mental illness. Dr. Hovannesian reached this conclusion after studying the documents pertaining to the history of Gomidas's illness, which remained hidden from those specializing in the study of Gomidas. The fact is that the records pertaining to Gomidas' illness had been kept in a Paris mental hospital, and it was only three years ago that they were turned over to the Armenian community through the intercession of the late Catholicos, H.H. Vazken I. Gomidas Vartabed, who experienced a mental breakdown in connection with the events of 1915, suffered from dementia paranoia."


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