Sourp Komidas Vartabed
Family Photos


     1869 - 1935 

                                             1869 - 1942

Photocard sent by Komidas Vartabed to Marig in 2 October 1909 from
St. Etchmiadzin 

The original photo card is still preserved by our family  
         Marig Karakashian is Komidas Vartabed's cousin. They are "milk brother & sister" as both were breastfed by Marig's mother Zmroukht my great grandmother, Kevork's (Komidas' father) sister in law,
The original photocard has been brought to Jerusalem from Kotahia in 1922, by my grandmother Marig on her person. It is still being preserved by the Karakashian family since 1909.

(The above signed message, from Komidas Vartabed to Marig, is on the back of this same photo)

Note: In order not to cause confusion, my mother also bears the name Zmroukht. She has taken her grandmother's name and is the documentor of Komidas' childhood story.
Sebouh Z Tashjian

1895 - 1963
Mkrdich Karakashian

Karabed Karakashian

Zmroukht (Karakashian) Tashjian
( The documentor of this article )

The Karakashian family- Kotahia 1909
Standing up from left:
Marig with her husband Hagop Karakashian
who is carrying their baby daughter Zmroukht,
my mother, eighteen months old.
Seated from left:
Marig's mother Zmroukht, Soghomon's aunt
and mother by breastfeeding. Hagop Karakashian's
mother, Karabed seven years old and Mkrdich
fourteen years old

The Karakashian family- Jerusalem 1925.
Standing up from left:
Mkrdich, Zmroukht and Karabed.
Seated are Hagop and Marig

Marig and Hagop Karakashian's children were born and christened at the St. Teotoros Church in Koudina (Kotahia). It is in this same church that Komidas Vartabed and previously his father Kevork and his uncle Haroutiun, participated every Sunday in the Church Choir and the Holy Mass.


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