Sourp Komidas Vartabed
Concise Account of Karakashian & Tashjian Families


In Kotahia, the Soghomonian's had three children. Kevork, Haroutiun and their sister Kouline`.
-Kevork Soghomonian, his wife Takuhi (Komidas' parents)
-Haroutiun Soghomonian, his wife Zmroukht.
-Kouline`, a widow.
-Takouhi gave birth to a son, Soghomon. She died soon afterwards.
-Soghomon was left with his father Kevork and aunt Kouline`.
-Kevork, Soghomon's father, died heartbroken from his dear wife's death.
-Haroutiun Soghomonian adopted little Soghomon as his son, at the St. Teotoros Church in Kotahia, in the presence of the Church Council Members, saying "we will look after Soghomon together with our daughter Marig".
-Zmroukht looked after and breastfed Soghomon together with her baby, Marig.
-Kouline` and Soghomon moved into Haroutiun Soghomonian's house.
-Kouline` went blind and later died.
-Soghomon recognised Haroutiun as his father, Zmroukht as his mother, and Marig as his sister.
-Marig married Hagop Karakashian. Their children, Mkrdich, Karabed and Zmroukht. They were born in Kotahia and christened at the St. Teororos Church. They are the grandchildren of the Soghomonians.
-Mkrdich married Efkaris. Their children, Stepan, Hagop and Berj. Mkrdich established the Palestine Pottery business in partnership with another close friend from Kotahia, Nishan Balian.(Refer to photo from Houshamadian Koudinayi Hayerou) Hagop died of an illness. At present Stepan and Berj with their families live in Jerusalem and are in the pottery business.
-Karabed married Kayaneh. Their children, Haroutiun, Nubar and Vicken. They lived in Jerusalem and Amman.They are at present in New Jersey, USA.
-Zmroukht married Zareh Hampartsoum Tashjian from Gurun. Their children, Sebouh, Vahe` and Hagop. They lived in Jordan, moved to Jerusalem until 1948 when Zareh, surviving from a bomb attack, was transferred to Amman by the company he worked with. Sebouh ( that is myself) and his family are at present in Sydney Australia. Vahe`and his wife live in Amman. Hagop lives in Florida USA.
-Therefore the children of Mkrdich, Karabed and Zmroukht, names as mentioned above, are all Marig's grandchildren.
-Soghomon (Komidas Vartabed) is my grandmother Marig's cousin and they are "milk brother and sister" breastfed from Marig's mother Zmroukht, my great grandmother.


-Hagop Karakashian, my grandfather, died in Amman Jordan and is buried there. His wife Marig, died in Jerusalem in 1942 and is buried at the Soorp Prkich Cemetery in Jerusalem.

-Mkrdich Hagop Karakashian and his wife Efkaris died and are buried in Jerusalem.

-Karabed Hagop Karakashian died in New Jersey, USA.

-My mother, Zmroukht, died in April 1985. My father Zareh Hampartsoum Tashjian, died in April 1992. They are both buried in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida USA

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