Sourp Komidas Vartabed
Cover & Title

                                                                    introduced by his close relatives

                                                                 "TO MY DEAR SISTER MARIG IN
                                                           REMEMBRANCE FROM YOUR BROTHER
                                                           KOMIDAS VARTABED 1909. 2 OCTOBER
                                                                                ST. ETCHMIADZIN"

                                                                "Sireli Kouyrigis Marigin Hishadag Yur
                                                          Yeghpayr Komidas Vartabed 1909. 2 Hogdemper
                                                                               Soorp Etchmiadzin"


                                                 Documented by Zmroukht (Karakashian) Tashjian
                                                                        Amman - Jordan - 1981

                                                                                 Prepared By
                                                                        Sebouh Zareh Tashjian
                                                                        Sydney - Australia 1995

"It is true that he (Komidas) lost his parents very early, but this does not make him a destitute child. There are eyewitness facts related by his close family members to the reality of his family life.
I believe it is high time those distorted stories of the past be corrected"

Zmroukht (Karakashian) Tashjian

Zmroukht (Karakashian) Tashjian's childhood memories of Komidas Vartabed were very dear. She remembered how he told her stories in their front garden, and how he wrote musical notes in his room and sang etc. She always said, "His voice is still in my ears"
Sebouh Z Tashjian

Dr. Toros Toranian

A Note for the Readers 

When in 2004 I was invited to Australia by the AGBU for a couple of weeks to give some lectures about Armenian literature and
arts, I met the family of Sebouh Z Tashjian during my lectures. When he spoke of our beloved Komidas Vartabed, the greatest Armenian composer, about whose childhood and father we have read incorrect information, being a disciple of the Komidas family, he gave me a non-published pamphlet regarding their family where I could finally read the truth. I was pleased tremendously.

After coming back to my country, I decided to publish this short story and present the truth about our beloved composer's childhood.

Is there anything more sublime than telling the truth?

Mesrob Mashdots was the founder of the Armenian Alphabet in 406 AD

Komidas purified the Armenian songs and became the Mashdots of the Armenian songs

Antranig became the symbol of the Armenian national emancipation struggle

And the Armenian Church along with Armenian architecture
 kept our culture alive

Our respect to all national patriots and peackeepers via culture

Dr. Toros Toranian MD

The title of the new booklet is:

documented by Zmroukht
(Karakashian) Tashjian
prepared by Sebouh Z Tashjian


Read our response to the book called 'Archeology
of Madness, Komitas A Portrait of an Armenian Icon'
relating to his childhood life.


                                                                                 Updated 24 April 2012

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