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HyeDroid QR - QR Code based client & campaign management system more details »
HyeDroid NFC - NFC Tag based client & campaign management system more details »
HyeDroid QR Shop - QR Code based product shopping cart system more details »
HyeDroid QR CMS - website content management system more details »

  QR Code and NFC based tracking systems

We provide a wide range of products and services in regards to QR Codes.

QR Codes / NFC marketing mainly bridges the gap between offline and online advertising. Scanned by users with smart phones who need immediate access to information.

Our main product is a web based system that allows you to create and maintain QR Code based advertising online content, campaigns, competitions, registration forms, custom content in various formats for printing signs and any other merchandising. Based on your business requirements, we can also develop custom features into standard system.

Our standard system has the following main features:

  • A custom easy to use content management system for unlimited mobile landing page creation ( for QR codes that link to mobile landing pages )
  • Automatic QR code generation for each dynamic mobile landing page
  • QR code scan analytics and tracking per landing page and campaign / location with email notification alerts
  • Export page content and QR code to PDF for printing and advertising.
  • Various types of landing pages such surveys, forms, image galleries, documents....etc

We also work closely with advertising and printing businesses who can put the system generated QR Codes on signs, car sticker signs, large boards, tshirts, and any other products that you may need.

We can custom build additional features into the system. Pricing mainly depends on the features that you are after.

If you have any specific requirements please let us know and we will be happy to discuss the available options and provide you with relevant ideas and services. You can contact us and send us your initial enquiry here »