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With its sloping bonnet, extra low profile, large area of glass and wrap around bumpers, the Renault Fuego has all the outward signs of an extremely high quality sports car. It is elegant and racy, more aerodynamic than ever, with new technical improvements which have brought about a very noticeable reduction in the drag coefficient. A CX of 0.35 to 0.31 depending on the versions, ensures maximum penetration through the air. giving increased performance and economy. This should appeal to lovers of speed.


Renault Fuego blends harmoniously outstanding performance with superb comfort and economy. It is sporty. brilliant and also a very relaxing motor car. The leather upholstered seats (optional extra), or covered with velour (except for the TL version) are soft, deep, and wrap round, thus ensuring that the driver has an ideal position and that the passengers travel in absolute comfort even over long journeys. The Renault Fuego is a genuine 4 seater which is the ultimate in comfort. There is plenty of room in the passenger compartment which is extremely well sound proofed, and as far as equipment is concerned, extremely careful attention has been paid to the smallest detail. The Renault Fuego has one of those refined interiors that are good to live in. Seats of Renault Fuego GTX (leather optional)


A grand tourer, the Renault Fuego is not only inviting to travellers, but also takes the greatest care of their luggage. The practical boot with the rear window acting as a hatchback can be increased by as much as 780 dm3 (28 cuft). The rear window is opened by means of a lever located in the door pillar on the driver's side. By folding down one of the rear seats, or both of them, three different load spaces can be obtained, according to need. The whole loading surface is fully carpeted and a luggage cover prevents the luggage from being seen from the outside.


Equipment: Renault Fuego GTX and Renault Fuego GTX Automatic ( 1995 cc) 5 speed gearbox (except Automatic). Power assisted steering. "Petale" shaped front seats with integrated headrests trimmed with velour. Electro-magnetic door locking. Rev counter. Digital clock. Map reading light on passenger side Pre radio equipment. Electric front windows. 2 speed windscreen wipers with intermittent wipe. Height adjustment control for steering wheel. Electric oil gauge with dashboard display. Luggage cover. Laminated windscreen and tinted windows. Rear window wiper. Front fog lamps. Reversing light. Rear fog lamp. Headlamp washwipe. Light alloy wheels. Options: Air conditioning, leather upholstery, metallic super gloss paint finish, inertia reel safety belts front and rear.


Everything in the equipment of the Renault Fuego GTX shows the desire to make your life as a driver as pleasant as possible. For example, aren't you perfectly at ease behind the wheel? Adjust its height. Is the outside rear-view mirror out of alignment ? Reset it from inside. Do you want to wind your window up ? Press the electric switch which is located on the pocket armrest on the door. The dashboard equipment, dials, instruments and warning lights have been well thought out and positioned in such a way that they can be seen immediately, and you can put your hand accurately on to the controls. 


The standard of equipment in the Renault Fuego GTS balances the desire for efficiency with concern for comfort.
A steering wheel which is adjustable for height, outside rear view mirror operated from inside, electric front windows, electro-magnetic door locking 2 speed windscreen wipers with intermittent wipe. Audible alarm buzzer on lighting function - this is the practical side. For comfort pure and simple there are for instance the petale shaped front seats upholstered in corded velour, integrated front headrests and the map reading light on the passenger side. 


3 petrol engines. 3 gear boxes: (4 gears, 5 gears or automatic) depending on your requirements or tastes. One new innovation: the general use of integral electronic ignition.
Renault Fuego GTX and GTX Automatic 2 litre engine (1995 cc). Overhead camshaft pressure cast aluminium casing. 79.5 kW ISO (110 bhp DIN) at 5,500 revs/min. Renault Fuego GTS 1647 cc engine 69 kW ISO (96 bhp DIN) at 5750 revs/min Renault Fuego TL 1397 cc engine 46 kW ISO (64 bhp DIN) at 5500 revs/min

Equipment: Renault Fuego TL (1397 cc) "Petale" shaped front sea illuminated cigar lighter on central console, 2 speed windscreen wipers with electric windscreen wash. Luggage cover, reversing lights, rear fog lamp. Options: 5 speed gearbox, metallic super gloss paint finish. inertial reel safety belts (front). Laminated windscreen, tinted windows. Equipment ,, pack including: headlamp wash/wipe, rear window wiper, front fog lamps, pre radio equipment, adjustable steering wheel, rev. counter.


The Renault Fuego TL offers "Petale" shaped front seats covered with patterned cloth, rear fold down seats, front and rear carpets, 2 speed windscreen wipers and electric windscreen washers, reversing lights and a rear fog lamp. This year it has now been fitted with integral electronic ignition as standard equipment. Advantages: The engine starts more easily in cold weather, performs better at high speeds and there is a reduction in fuel consumption. Other innovations as on all versions: single switch combining the lighting, flashing indicators and horn functions, a new windscreen wiper control and sunvisor with a pocket on the driver's side. On the exterior: Styled wheels with aerodynamic trims and fairings to improve the drag coefficient.

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