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23/07/2024 - WHATS NEW

Dear Fuego Fans,

During my recent trip to Europe, I noticed that the Renault Fuego has become a collectable classic car mainly in Spain, the Netherlands, and France.

After coming accross many many fan groups, I thought why not have one in Sydney where all the fans get to know each other,  share knowledge, advice and of course have events to admire these great looking cars.

A great occasion to start such an idea is the 'All french car day' event held by Renault, Peugeot and Citroen car clubs of NSW. This event is held every year and the next one is coming up soon on the 17th of July 2006. Check the events section of the site for details.

So, if you have a FUEGO and would like to join this event and get to know other FUEGO fans from NSW just come along, you can also send us your name and email here so that we can remind you of other events from time to time.

We decided to put together this website for all the Fuego fans in the world to share their Fuego photos and short stories together.

If you would like us to publish your Fuego photos and a short story about it please register with us first and email us your Fuego photos - maximum five photos with a short story - and we will be happy to publish them for you on the site.

There will be a link with your name under Member Pages on the side menu so that visitors can view your pages and photos.

Thank you for visiting our website, If you have any comments or feedback about the site please send us an email with your comments/questions and we'll be happy to hear from you and help..!

Best Regards
Zareh Tashjian


Thank you for visiting our website